We bring a finely tuned understanding of what Tennessee voters want to our candidates’ campaigns.

Grassroots Organization Building

Our political campaigns always have a successful ground game. Titan Political Strategies is thoroughly experienced in strategic planning, hierarchy building and organizational recruitment.

Field Direction

Once a strong political organization is established, it must have constant direction and training for its members. Voter targeting is one of Titan’s greatest strengths to maximize organizational efficiency.

Media Relations

Media presence online, on television and on the radio are all integral to win a race. Titan uses unique methods to garner attention to a campaign through both earned and highly targeted paid media.

Campaign Messaging

The key to any successful campaign is identifying broad themes and campaign branding that both articulate the candidate’s vision and resonate with voters. Titan has a history of successfully bridging these two sometimes disparate voices under a unifying campaign message.

Campaign Management

Titan’s winning campaigns always have a well-developed strategic plan coupled with unbending organizational and message discipline. All aspects of these campaigns are data-driven, goal-oriented and constantly analyzed to create the greatest opportunity for victory.

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