Business & Nonprofit Services

After working with cost-per-vote budgets in the political world, we know how to reach our clients’ target customers in the most cost-effective means possible.


Whether a startup or an existing company, every business needs to establish an ethos with which clients and consumers quickly identify with a particular company. Titan has experts to develop this with companies large and small.

Message Development

Regardless of products or services offered, every company must quickly and effectively communicate a compelling message stating who they are, what they do and why they are the best at what they do. Titan will write copy, create themes and produce any and all materials in the most exciting and stimulating way possible. Titan has great experience working with companies to tell they story to potential clients and customers.


Once a message is crafted to tell the story of a business to the public, it must be delivered in a targeted and cost-effective manner. Titan is the best at ascertaining whether radio, print, network television, cable or satellite television is the right fit for any business, and place the business advertisements in the appropriate medium.


Titan is also unparalleled in its approach using demographic and geographic research to put a business in front of consumers actually looking for their specific product. If online or traditional mail campaigns are the right fit for a business, Titan will quickly develop the best marketing plan possible for our clients.

Web Design

Titan’s web design team is the best around. If you have an outdated or nonexistent web presence, Titan can quickly develop and implement a robust plan. Titan has delivered numerous websites, developed many S.E.O. targets and created entire online campaigns for companies needing to create online customers for their services in a very short time frame.

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